Fixing Malayalam Font rendering in Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

Courtesy rahulsby who published this here

Latest android OS Jellybean (Android 4.1) ships with default Malayalam font and font included in 4.1 is AnjaliNewLipi-light.ttf.
All browser based apps render Malayalam content properly expect one “Ra” issue. But, all non-browser apps have ligature rendering issue. Malayalam Complex script layout is not rendered properly.
Google confirmed it as a known issue. 
we have an interim option to fix the rendering issue if you are already rooted your Jellybean device. . I’m not encouraging anybody to root your device and I do not take any responsibility for anything you do to your phone, whether be brick, break, or somehow mess it up 

Warning: If you make below change, you must delete AnjaliNewLipi-light.ttf in System/font folder

1. Install Root Explorer or ES File Explorer from Google Play.
2. Open ES File Explorer and enable Root Explorer, Mount File System options in settings
3. Copy /system/etc/system_fonts.xml & fallback_font.xml to your computer
4. Download modified system_fonts.xml, fallback_font.xml to your computer
5.Copy modified system_fonts.xml, fallback_font.xml to ” /system/etc/ ” Directory
6. Delete AnjaliNewLipi-light.ttf in System/Font
7. Copy Kaumudi-Sans.ttf to System/Font
8. Reboot your phone or Tablet
Its works!!!!!

Download Required Files